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USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking Service

USPS Tracking is an international courier service USPS in the US, of which USPS is the acronym of the United States Postal Service. USPS Tracking is founded on July 1st, 1970. For 46 years of operation and development, it has become one of the agencies in the postal field of providing best and most popular international courier service.

In addition to main courier service of parcels, goods, materials and evidences, etc… to the customers within the requested deadline, USPS Tracking also focuses on intensively developing Tracking utility with the purpose of enhancing the ability to track goods of customers. Thanks to this utility, users can instantly look up the location of any goods as well as all matters relating to the goods on a specific shipping route without having to call the support center for receiving information.


USPS Tracking is a really service package suitable for individuals as well as companies wishing to import, fast shipping, document courier, international goods courier.

Features and some utilities

Usually, USPS Tracking is indicated by a bar code often shown on the shipping label or attached with a label on the parcel. Also, the final destination of the goods and the bar code will be printed on the goods. Through this bar code, users will check delivery status and shipping route by entering the USPS code.

USPS Tracking is a free service provided by post office. In addition to the above features, it also provides some additional services as follows:

  • Receive back.
  • Return freight receipts.
  • Collect on Delivery (COD)
  • Domestic Insurance.
  • Registered Mail.
  • Limited Delivery.
  • Special Handling.

Types of USPS Tracking

Currently, there are two typical types of USPS Tracking, namely Retail USPS Tracking and Electronic USPS Tracking.


Retail USPS Tracking : provides services at its post office. All you need is to simply fill out PS Form 152 available at the customer counter. You can check the status of the goods by entering code online at USPS Tracking and confirming the page or by calling a number on the form.

Electronic USPS Tracking: if you print postage from online services such as, the program will include Electronic USPS Tracking on your packaging free of charge for all mail covering layers.

Why should use USPS Tracking?

USPS Tracking not only has a good quality and reputation, but also ensures that users can update the status of goods as well as shipping route 24/7 before you receive the goods. Moreover, USPS Tracking has a relatively low cost, processes of transportation as well as payment are quite simple as well as cargo insurance helping protect a maximum benefit of the customers.

In general, USPS Tracking is a reliable and recommended service for anyone who has intend to use the international courier services.

How to use USPS Tracking service

Courier has been increasingly becoming a popular as well as indispensable service in the lives of millions of people and organizations and companies around the world. It not only supports users in transporting goods and parcels from quite far distances but also is a delivery tool that is quite convenient, fast and accurate, secured with quite cheap cost. Therefore, the courier has been increasingly a popular choice of the majority of the users in the transportation of goods, parcels, especially to distant areas.


However, for this type of service, users often feel worried about the fact that their goods, parcels and documents are whether delivered or not, there is any problem on their way, etc… Now, you do not have to worry about it anymore when USPS Tracking is born. You can track, manage the shipped goods and parcels through this online lookup tool.

Operating principle of USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking is known as one of the earliest international courier services presence in the world located in the US with 46 years of operation and development. It works based on the tracking and checking the barcode attached to each shipment.


It can be easily understood that USPS Tracking is indicated by a bar code often printed on the shipment label of goods. Bar code will be printed directly onto the goods at their ending point. This barcode enables USPS Tracking to track the shipping route as well as any problem with the goods of users.

Specifically, USPS Tracking uses a system called CONFIRM to track the stages through its delivery process, which uses the IMBs – Intelligent Mail Barcode printed on the label and provides the only bar code for an item. The IMbs will be read by a smart device named IMDs providing data from the center. Thereby, users are allowed to access the tracking data based on the service level they purchased. And so, through the access from the system, users can fully know exactly the current location and time of their parcels and goods and any problem arising for it. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry or call the post office for more information on your shipment.

How to use USPS Tracking

To use the USPS Tracking utility, you need to take the following actions:

  • Visit the homepage of USPS.
  • At the homepage, enter the tracking number from the confirmation email.
  • Click on the box “Track” and then view the goods information that you sent.

With the use of USPS Tracking, users can be fully proactive in tracking their goods courier cycle, promptly detect the risks of loss of goods or delay in time of delivering and receiving the goods.

USPS Tracking for smartphone users

USPS Tracking is one of the most advanced and friendly services in the US postal market. This is a service that allows users to check whether your parcels and goods have been delivered to the destination safely or not. USPS Tracking indicates the date, time and zip code where  your goods have been delivered as well as shipping route. Customers can choose to set up one or more different tracking phases through end-to-end service of the agency. USPS Tracking provides a notification text system to inform customers when the packages were delivered and where they can be found when failing to deliver. Customers can also provide information to USPS employees delivery instructions and avoid any possible incident.


Currently, with the tremendous development of smart phones, in addition to tracking through the system at the post office or personal computer, users can fully use via USPS Tracking through mobile phone apps. With the help of USPS Tracking for mobile phone, you can track your shipment, change your address, keep your mail and more without going  directly to the post office.

USPS Tracking – Apps for smartphones


Currently, USPS Tracking provides apps for both Android and iOS operating systems, so you have more opportunities and benefits in using the services as well as USPS Tracking features.

USPS Tracking provides tracking service in a variety of formats. These include common registered mails, collect on delivery (COD), registered global courier, international priority mail, priority mail, signature certification. Customers can manage every aspect of shipment tracking via USPS Tracking dashboard.

With the tracking services offered by USPS Tracking, in addition to tracking the route of goods that you deliver, you can completely block the shipment if you do not want to deliver any more. You can also redirect the parcel to a different location rather than the originally registered location before reaching the destination.

An interesting thing of USPS Tracking services for mobile devices is that the dashboard tracking system of USPS Tracking has fully optimized to fit with mobile devices. At the same time, all tracking services are transferred directly to the mobile devices. You will not need to re-enter the tracking number whenever you want to check the location of a shipment. This will help you save a lot of time and become more user-friendly.

How to use USPS Tracking on mobile devices

Whether your phone is using Android or iOS operating system, the first thing to do if you want to use this functional service is to download USPS Tracking app on the app stores.

Then, all you need to do is to register online or through mobile devices to verify the identity. This not only helps your data become secured but also minimize the intrusion behavior. And finally, you just sit anywhere to access the information and track your shipments.


USPS Tracking on the phone not only gives you experience as with any browser page, but also much simpler, more convenient and compact.