Cool Math Games Run 1

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Cool Math Games Run 1

Cool Math Games Run 1

Cool Math Games Run 1 is a pretty popular game and very interesting game . Intrigue beautiful interface, good sound effects bring players an enjoyable experience.

The task of the player in the game is to run and avoid obstacles and dangerous holes on the way. At the same time collect points usually from the gold coins players will encounter along the way. The game fun run 1 offers two modes, infinite mode and adventure.

In Adventure mode there are 50 levels, The level of difficulty of the game will rise up through the levels, requiring players to skillfully cross all levels.. In Infinite modes are not limited to levels and levels are randomly generated.

Game Instructions Cool Math Games Run 1

Use the right and left arrow keys to move and space to jump.

To complete the levels of the game you can also use the walls using the right arrow and left arrow keys.