Cool Math Games Run 2

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Cool Math Games Run 2

Cool Math Games Run 2

Cool Math Games Run 2 is an online game with challenging levels.

The game has 62 levels of difficulty and challenge. The player’s task in each level is to control the character running on the floor, while at the same time to overcome the challenge by avoiding the obstacles and holes on the floor to reach the goal and complete the level fun run 2 game. Through increasing levels of challenge, so players need to skillfully overcome

During the journey will appear brilliant yellow dots and bonuses, collect them, help players can unlock the next level. Note that if you fall off the runway will lose players and must play again from the beginning.

Game instructions Cool Math Games Run 2

Use the left arrow key and the right arrow key to move.

Use up arrow key to jump

Press “Space” to jump.

Press the P key to pause the game.

Press R to play again.